Lingerie Brand for the Glocal Woman
This global brand, created in NYC by chinese-born & Harvard-graduate Jing Zhang, was brought to us (France)
so we could give it its visual identity.
We wanted the brand to have a very neat vibe to balance-out the cheekiness of the black-silk pieces, having in mind a carelessly sexy Jane Birkin kinda-vibe customer, rather than a Claudia Cardinale...
Taking our inspiration in the simple geometry of french brands of the 60's like Courrèges, Cacharel or Paco Rabanne, we came up with this crisp and clean logo, with almost simplistic curves and very clean lines, that Jing immediately fell in love with.
We then went-on to create the whole brand with neat colors : pure white and a skin-like nude palette. 

We created the COUR packaging experience for all the senses, using many textures and skin-touch papers by exclusive european providers G.H Smith and Fedrigoni.
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