DK was charged with helping The Cosmopolitan establish itself as a refreshing alternative to the typical Las Vegas offering. The “curious class” was identified as their target audience : sophisticated experience-seekers who like to keep life interesting and unpredictable. The task was to convince them that a stay at The Cosmopolitan would be a visual, sensorial, conceptual and pleasure-filled experience. DK took an inside-out approach, looking anywhere and everywhere for opportunities to engage visitors. From lobby columns to the marquee, every space, however remote, seemingly inconsequential, public, private or unusual, was considered an integral part of The Cosmopolitan story. Having already worked with DK a few times in the past, approximately 6 months into the project, they asked me for my creative input. I worked for a month on the lobby video-installation.
2011 Cannes Grand Prix Award, Design  - 2013 LIA Bronze Winner, Environmental Installation
J'ai eu la fierté de participer à ce projet très ambitieux du studio américain Digital Kitchen avec qui j'ai entretenu pendant 5 ans une relation de travail à distance de confiance. Ils m'ont ici sollicitée pendant un mois pour des planches de Direction Artistique et quelques brainstorming nocturnes pour leur installation vidéo dans le lobby de l'hotel.
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